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Administrative consulting

・ Consulting for administrative planning in the fields of administration, medical care, and long-term care

・ Analysis of medical / long-term care costs and creation of improvement plans

・ Human resource analysis and recommendations

Hospital consulting

・ Satisfaction survey with patients and staff

・ Area marketing (relationship between community-based comprehensive care and hospitals)

・ Seminar for hospital executives

Society consulting

・ Medical-related survey

・ Lectures related to academic societies

Overseas consulting

・ Country survey

・ Field survey

・ Project consulting

Study session

・ Evolutionary Ecological Study Group

・ Study session on the ideal medical system

・ Medical Policy Study Group

・ International Health Study Group

・ Public Health Study Group

・ Public Health and Social Welfare Study Group

・ History research (ancient history, Kamakura, Muromachi, Edo)

Major medical policies supported

Assistant to the Health Division for the Elderly, Ministry of Health and Welfare
1986Zero sleepy old man strategy (prevention)
National Medical and Hospital Management Institute, Director of Medical Policy Research Department
1998Health Japan 21 Basic Concept (Prevention)
2002Medical safety accident prevention policy (management)
2003Measurement of patient satisfaction (management)
National Institute of Public Health, Policy Science Research Department Director
2003Sri Lanka National Health Plan (Institution)
2004Japan community medical plan new concept (system)
Professor of Medical Management, Nippon Medical School
2006Estimating the required number of doctors (resources)
2007Medical information provision system (resources)
2012Tama Care Cycle Project (Overall)
Future Health Reseach Institute
2014Shiga 19 Municipal Area Comprehensive Care Demand Analysis Project
2015Akita Yamagata Hyogo Shimane Regional Urban Area Research, a large city in Aichi Prefecture, Tokyo
2018Shizuoka Prefecture Izu City Long-term Care Insurance Certification Data Combined Analysis Project